Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is defined as "a minimally depressed state of consciousness in which the patient is able to breathe independently and will respond to physical and verbal stimuli". Sedation Dentistry is sometimes called Relaxation Dentistry. Sedation of this type is especially helpful if you need or require a long dental appointment or a lot of dental treatment. Conscious Sedation will allow most people to overcome the stress, fear and anxiety associated with dental treatment, because they can relax during their dental visit.

The most common drug used in our office is triazolam; chemically, it is closely related to Valium. There is a deep relaxation with this type of sedation. You can speak and will respond to cues. The medication has an amnesic effect for some patients and they will remember virtually nothing about their dental appointment. All body functions remain normal.

Local anesthetics will be used to prevent discomfort. Because you are so relaxed and because of the advanced injection techniques we use, you probably will not remember when your teeth were actually being "numbed".

Both Dr. Cathy Schlaht and Dr. Marey Stone have received extensive special training using the conscious sedation technique. We are proud to be among the few qualified offices to offer this safe, comfortable and effective system for patients.